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HEA 189
HEA 189: Health & Wellness for Faculty and Staff

HEA 189 is designed to help individuals learn more about their own health and wellness through the acquisition of knowledge and the evaluation of attitudes and behaviors. Participants will monitor and assess their own health and wellness activities and will be supported in promoting lifelong fitness.
Employees and spouses taking HEA 189 will have free access to the Student Recreation and Wellness Center during the semester of enrollment. A valid ID is required to enter the building. To carry over memberships through the summer, a minimal fee is required.  

Tuition Waiver FAQs - HEA 189 (PDF)

Tuition Waiver Form (PDF)

HEA 189 Application (PDF)

Additional information:

1. HEA 189 is offered on a pass/fail basis and cannot be used to complete the 120+ hours for graduation requirements. Please carefully review the syllabus for course requirements. This course requires the completion of a diary documenting a minimum of three 45-minute workout sessions per week.  Attendance at employee health fairs is recommended. See the course syllabus for more information.  

2. If you are not currently enrolled or eligible to schedule for classes, and the only course you want is HEA 189, use the streamlined one-time only application for admission. If you are seeking admission for HEA 189 and/or other classes, use the appropriate standard form or apply online.  

3. A tuition waiver (Tuition Waiver Form [PDF]) must be completed prior to the beginning of each semester and processed in Human Resources. Call Human Resources at 270-809-2146 for more information. 
If you anticipate using all of your waivers for other courses during the fiscal year, this HEA 189 course will not count against the current limit. Contact Human Resources for further information.   NOTE: Submission of the tuition waiver does NOT automatically register employee/spouse in the course.
4. Once the tuition waiver has been approved, contact Registration via phone (270-809-3776) or e-mail ( to request a permission override for HEA 189.

5. Complete registration through myGate.  Each employee and spouse MUST register for HEA 189 via their myGate Academics tab.  The last day to receive overrides for this class AND register is the last day to add a full semester course.  Deadline information is found on MSU's Academic Calendar
Contact Information

If you have admission questions, call 270-809-3350.

If you have questions about the HEA189 course, contact Brittney Stinnett at 270-809-4458 or by email at

If you have questions about the Racer Wellness, contact Lauren Smee at 270-809-4672 or by email at  

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Modified 7/28/2015
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