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  1. questionFERPA Training Online
    The university is required to protect student information under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). FERPA governs the way we handle confidential information. All new employees (including student workers) who handle confidential information must complete MSU’s online FERP ...

  2. questionTime Sheet Correction Form
    Click to View : Time Sheet Correction Form

  3. questionLate Leave Report for Unreported Absences
    Click to View : Late Leave Report for Unreported Absences

  4. questionW-4 Federal Income Tax Deduction Form
    Click to View : W-4 Federal income Tax Deduction Form

  5. questionK-4 Kentucky Income Tax Deduction Form
    Click to View : K-4 Kentucky Income Tax Deduction Form

  6. questionLate Time Sheet Request Form
    Click to View : Late Time Sheet Request Form

  7. questionDirect Deposit Form
    Click to View : Direct Deposit Form

  8. questionHow to Receive Your W-2 Electronically
    Click to view: How to Receive Your W-2 Electronically

  9. questionDirect Deposit Procedures
    Click to view : Direct Deposit Procedures See also : Direct Deposit Form

  10. questionTuition Waiver Tax Procedures
    Click to view : Tuition Waiver Tax Procedures

  11. questionTime & Effort Record
    Click to View : Time & Effort Record

  12. questionLate Leave and Time Reporting Penalties
    As a result of actions taken by the Board of Regents at the February 25, 2011, quarterly meeting related to the accurate reporting of time worked and leave taken, a schedule of penalties for late leave and time reporting will be implemented beginning with the July 2 to July 15 bi-weekly pay per ...