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  1. questionMSU Tuition Waiver Form
    This tuition waiver is to be used by Murray State Unviersity employees taking courses at Murray State University. Note: Please scroll down to access link to tuition waiver!

  2. questionState Tuition Waiver Form
    To be used by non-Murray State employees of Kentucky post-secondary institutions for waiver of tuition on courses taken at Murray State. http://campus.murraystate.edu/administ/hr/benefitforms/tuitionwaiver/State_Tuition_Waiver.pdf

  3. questionWest Kentucky Unviversity Tuition Waiver Form
    Employment certification form for MSU employees taking classes at Western Kentucky University. http://campus.murraystate.edu/administ/hr/benefitforms/tuitionwaiver/WKU_State_Tuition_Waiver_for_MSU_Employees.pdf

  4. questionEastern Kentucky University Tuition Waiver Form
    Employment Certification Form for Murray State employees taking classes at Eastern Kentucky University. http://campus.murraystate.edu/administ/hr/benefitforms/tuitionwaiver/EKU_Tuition_Waiver.pdf

  5. questionHEA 189 and Community Course Tuition Waiver Form

  6. questionCPE Tuition Waiver Form
    To be used by supervising and resource teachers for waiver of tuition for courses at Murray State University. The completed form should be returned to Teacher Education Services. http://campus.murraystate.edu/administ/hr/benefitforms/tuitionwaiver/CPE_Tuition_Waiver.pdf