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Reporting "No Leave/Time Taken" - Instructions & Video
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6th of August, 2013

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Faculty and exempt staff members are required to report their leave time each month.  For more information about Leave Reporting for faculty, visit the FAQ.

Click here to view a Video Tutorial for reporting "No Leave/Time Taken."

1.  To report monthly leave as "No Leave/Time Taken" log in to myGate

2.  Click on the Employee Tab

3.  In the Time Reporting channel, click on the appropriate reporting month.  You may have to click More to see all available months.

4.  Click on the first Enter Hours link next to No Time Taken on the first day of the reporting month.


5.  If you have no leave time to report, enter a "1" in the text box next to Hours.

6.  Click the Save button.


7.  When you are ready to submit your report, click the Submit for Approval button at the bottom of the screen.
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