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Change email address on an Android device
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4th of January, 2012

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Is your phone setup with a personal email account? (like @gmail, @yahoo or @hotmail)
Use these instructions if your @murraystate.edu email account is a secondary account on the phone
  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Select Accounts and Sync.
  3. Click on your @murraystate.edu email account under Manage Accounts.
  4. Click Remove Account, confirm.
  5. Click Add Account and proceed through the wizard to setup the new account.
  6. After clicking finish, click on the new address under Manage Accounts and choose which items you wish to sync.  It will take a few minutes if you have a lot of mail, but eventually all your email will be added again.


Is your phone setup with your old format (first.last) @murraystate.edu email address?

READ THIS:  This process will be more involved.  You must do a factory default hardware reset on your phone.  This will wipe all the settings off of your phone and allow you to set it up with a different email address.  Following the steps below will increase success in restoring the phone to previous settings.  Some settings may be lost during this process. 

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Click on Privacy.
  3. Make sure "Back up my data" is checked.  You may also want to make a manual list of apps and ringer settings before you reset.
  4. Select "Factory data reset".
  5. Click "Reset phone" and confirm.
Your phone will go through a shutdown/restart.  After the restart you will prompted to do the following:
  • Reactivate Your Phone - Follow the onscreen and audio instructions.  This may take a few minutes and you will be unable to receive any calls during this process.
  • Setup Your Phone with a New Email Account - Follow the on-screen instructions through the wizard.  We DO NOT recommend using your @murraystate.edu as a primary account on your phone.  Please create or use an existing personal account to setup your phone.  You will be able to add your @murraystate.edu as a secondary to receive email, calendar updates and contacts.
  • Add Your RacerMail Account - 
    • Go to Settings > Accounts & sync.  
    • Click Add Account.  
    • Select Google.  
    • Proceed through the wizard and use your RacerMail credentials to add the account.  
    • Select the new account under Manage Account and choose what items you wish to sync.
  • Other settings - Over time, your other settings should be corrected automatically on your phone.  This information comes from back-ups done before the reset.  However, if your apps, ringtone settings, wallpapers and other personal settings don't return, you can manually update them.
    • Ringtones: Go to Settings > Sound and choose which notifications you would like to change.
    • Applications:  Log into the Android Marketplace at http://market.android.com with your updated @murraystate.edu email address.  Click on My Market Account.  Under Orders you will see all of the Apps you have downloaded.  You can click on them and choose Install to have them reinstalled on your phone.  **NOTE:  Some paid apps may be subject to the manufacturers reinstall policy.  You may have to contact the app maker to inquire about reinstallation of paid apps.
    • Security Settings:  If you used an unlock pin or pattern (and you should), you can set them up again under Settings > Location and security.

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