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Consolidated Credentials
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12th of September, 2013

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Consolidation of credentials is available for the four major systems on campus - myGate, RacerMail, Canvas and Network.

What are credentials?
This is the username/password combination you use to access the systems listed. Each system presently has the same username but each password is set independently.

What does it mean to consolidate credentials?
By using the new "Consolidate Credentials" option, you can set all four systems (myGate, RacerMail, Canvas & Network) to a single password at the same time.

What should I do later when my computer asks me to reset my Network password?
If you want to continue keeping your credentials consolidated, go to the Home tab on myGate and use the "Consolidate Credentials" option.

When my myGate password expires and I set a new one, will it automatically reset all of the other passwords?
No. If you are prompted to set a new myGate password and you want to continue keeping your credentials consolidated, go to the Home tab on myGate and use the "Consolidate Credentials" option.

If I decide I don't want my passwords consolidated later, can I opt-out? Yes. All systems still operate independently. At any time you can set a new password for an individual system by using the password reset for that system in myGate on the Home tab or setting a new password after logging in to that system (Canvas, RacerMail or myGate).

How will consolidating passwords affect Mac users?
Mac users will need to update their keychain with the new password the next time they login to the Mac. Please enter your new network password (a message will come up after you hit enter), click “Update Keychain Password”, enter your old network password and click ok.

When I consolidate my passwords, will it affect other things I use?
Anytime you reset your RacerMail password, that password will need to be updated on your devices and other applications you use to access your email. Users of Outlook, smartphones, tablets, iPads, Google Apps Sync or other 3rd-party services will be prompted to update their RacerMail password after consolidation of credentials. Click here for instructions related to updating passwords in Outlook and Google Apps Sync.

What are the password rules?

Your password must conform to the following rules:
  • Must be a minimum of 8 characters.
  • Must not contain the user's first, last or full account name.
  • Must contain at least one of each of the following items:
    • Letters. (A-Z, a-z)
    • Numbers. (0-9)
    • Special Characters: ~^*-_+[]./?
  • Restricted characters: space |"'\!@#$%&()=;,<>{}: (DO NOT USE)

**To use Consolidated Credentials, click on the orange Change Password button in the Account Services channel on the Home tab in myGate.  Follow the on-screen instructions.


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