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Changing Password for Google Apps Sync and Outlook
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6th of February, 2013

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If you have recently changed your RacerMail password through myGate and are using Google Apps Sync for Outlook, you may have noticed your Outlook is now in offline mode and can’t send/receive email. To fix this, users will need to set a new password with Google Apps Sync:

  • Go to your Start menu (usually lower-left Windows icon) and locate the Google Apps Sync folder.
  • Choose Delete saved Google Apps Sync passwords
  • Delete the password for the correct @murraystate.edu email account
  • Go to online mode in outlook
    • Outlook 2007: Go to File, then unclick Work Offline
    • Outlook 2010:  Go to the Send/Receive tab, then unclick Work Offline
  • Click the Send/Receive button and you’ll be prompted to enter your new RacerMail password

If you continue to have problems after this, make sure you are able to successfully login to RacerMail with your new password and that your caps lock is turned off. If you are still having problems, call the Helpdesk at 270-809-2346.

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