Agency Payment Request Form, Procedures, and Agreement

The Agency Account Fund Procedures and Agreement document contains the procedures for setting up an agency account, depositing funds into the account and making disbursements from the account. Page 2 of the document is the Agreement, which will need to be completed and signed by the Faculty/Staff sponsor. After the Agreement is signed and in place, the Agency may begin making deposits and disbursements.

Click to view the Agency Fund Procedures and Agreement.

For questions regarding Agency accounts, procedures and the Agreement, please call Tony Barron at 270-809-4173.


The Agency Payment Request Form is used when an Agency account wishes to make a payment from their funds. Complete the form and be sure to mark whether you wish to pick the payment up or have it mailed. After completing the form, have the Faculty Advisor sign the form and bring it to the Accounting and Financial Services department on the second floor of Sparks Hall. 

Click to open the Agency Payment Request Form.

For questions completing the form, please call Carolyn Pollock (270-809-3789).