Budget Queries in SSB

You may view your up-to-date Organization Status Report by using Budget Queries on SSB.

 1. Click on Budget Queries on the SSB Finance menu

2. Select Budget Quick Query to easily view your status report.


3. Enter the Fund, Organization and Grant (if applicable) for the status report you want to view and click on Submit Query.

4. This option will provide a quick and easy status report.

5. To view more detailed information, select Budget Status by Account or Budget Status by Organizational Hierarchy and click Create Query.

6. Select all fields you want to view and click Continue.

7. Always select Fiscal Period 12 to get up-to-date information, then enter the Fund, Organization and Grant number.  Click on Submit Query to view the information.

8. You may drill down to specific information by clicking on any fields in blue.

9. Continue to drill down to individual document information, if desired.