Grade Appeal

Grade Appeal Form

Murray State University recognizes that differences of opinion or interpretation may arise between students and faculty members regarding the assignment of course grades. The university urges the student to first seek resolution through informal discussion with the appropriate faculty member.

It should be noted that situations involving academic misconduct should be directed to the University Judicial Board.

The student initiates a meeting with the instructor of the class. The meeting must take place within the first twenty (20) days of the semester immediately following the term during which the incident of grievance is alleged to have occurred, exclusive of summer session.

If the matter is not resolved satisfactorily at the instructor level, meetings with the chair and dean must follow within ten (10) days of the initial discussion with the instructor. At the time of each meeting, the instructor, chair and dean must sign and date the grade appeal form.

Once all means of informal resolution on the collegiate level have been exhausted the student must submit a completed grade appeal form with supporting documentation to the Office of the Registrar within fifteen (15) days of the initial discussion with the instructor if the matter is not resolved satisfactorily.

The chair of the Academic Appeals Board shall convene that committee within twenty (20) days of the receipt of the grade ap­peal form and supporting documentation.

Copies of the recommendation and final decision by the provost shall be sent to the appropriate academic dean, the student, and the instructor, within ten (10) days of the completion of the hearing, unless notified otherwise. The text of the recommendation and all pertinent testimony and gathered data shall be kept in confidence.

NOTE: If at any point in this process, the student alleges that actions have taken place that may be in violation of the Murray State Univer­sity Non-Discrimination policy this process must be suspended and the matter directed to the Office of Institutional Diversity, Equity and Access.

Under no circumstances will an appeal of a grade be accepted after one year from the end of the semester in which the grade was received.

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