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LiveSafe Mobile App
Murray State University is committed to creating and maintaining a campus environment free from crime and all forms of sexual violence, relationship violence, and stalking. To assist in the institution's commitment, the university has partnered with LiveSafe to provide an app for all members of the university community. LiveSafe provides a two-way communication tool that puts safety at the fingertips of the university community. LiveSafe empowers the university community to look after one another. App users can report tips such as, sexual assault, stalking, theft, vandalism, abuse, accidents, and more. App users can really participate as an active bystander and report crimes and other suspicious activity. The app is customized to allow users to send tips anonymously and call for a Racer Patrol escort.

Download Links:
Download for iOS devices
Download for Android devices 
Not on your mobile device? Just search the App Store or Google Play store for "LiveSafe"


  1. Install LiveSafe using the download links above.
  2. Type in your email address, then tap "Done".
  3. Create your password, which must be at least 6 characters. Enter in your first and last name. Tap "next".
  4. An email will be sent to confirm your account. Tap the blue button in the email or the link provided to confirm and activate your account. After a confirmation message, you will need to go back to the LiveSafe app.
  5. Select Murray State University as your school.
  6. To effectively use LiveSafe, you will need to Enable Location Sharing. Either tap on the prompt to allow LiveSafe to use your location, or go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services > LiveSafe.

After you have successfully setup LiveSafe, you have four options on the LiveSafe Home screen:

  • Report Tips and Emergency Options. Allows users to report suspicious or criminal activity in a safe and non-threatening way using report tips and emergency options. The tips go directly and immediately to the Murray State University Police. Users can choose to report anonymously if that makes them feel more comfortable
  • Safety Map. Helps users get from one point on campus to another, an especially helpful tool for new students
  • GoSafe.  Users can have a friend or parent “walk” with them through campus. Location services are enabled by the user, who invites one of their phone contacts with the LiveSafe app to “follow” them through the campus, for instance, at night, and see them arrive safely at their destination. At that point, the user can then disable location services and the connection is ended. The Racer Patrol at Murray State can also be contacted through the app to request the patrol’s safety escort service.


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Modified 8/17/2018
Article ID: 1976