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Academic Affairs Forms
Academic affairs related forms:

  • Schedule correction forms
  • Graduate teaching assistant schedule assignment
  • Textbook order forms
  • Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) forms
  • Adjunct faculty teaching evaluation form
  • Application for faculty leave
  • Faculty credential certification
  • Faculty/Professional staff employment data sheet
  • Promotion packet forms
  • Recommendation for graduate faculty appointment
  • Tenure packet forms
  • Honors Day forms
  • Academic change form
  • Proposal for Revisions of Faculty Handbook
  • Application summary for graduate assistants 
  • Course syllabus outline
  • Program Proposal Form
  • Course Proposal Form
  • Graduate program form
  • Graduate program course substitution form
  • Change of program/adviser form
  • Request for time extension of graduate program
  • Guidelines for thesis preparation
  • Comprehensive examination application form
  • Application for degree form (apply for graduation)
  • Application for graduate certificate completion
  • Graduate Thesis
Modified 7/5/2016
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