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Registration Agreement (effective 4/2/2014)
Effective April 2, 2014-

By registering for classes for this semester, I acknowledge that I am entering into a legally binding educational contract with MSU to pay all tuition, room, board, parking citations, library fines, Bookstore charges, class fees and other charges assessed by MSU (“Balance Owed”) by the semester due date.  See Schedule of Fees for full listing of fees.

 In the event that I do not pay the entire account balance in full by the semester due date, I understand and agree that I will not be able to schedule for future semester or receive transcripts until my debt is paid in full. 

I am responsible for fees associated with class drop/add if I fall below full-time status or completely withdraw from the University.  In addition, if MSU is required to return Federal Title IV funds (“Federal Aid”) or federal Veteran benefits as a result of my dropping of classes or withdrawal (official or unofficial), I acknowledge and agree that I am responsible for the repayment of the Federal Aid to the University. 

If I leave the university with an outstanding debt, I understand and agree that my account may be assigned to MSU Internal Collections due to non-payment and that in such event that I shall be responsible for and agree to pay, in addition to any Balance Owed, MSU’s Internal Collection Fee which amounts to 15% of the Balance Owed.  Further, I agree to pay and/or reimburse MSU any external collection fees of any collection agency and/or the Kentucky Department of Revenue, (“External Collection Fee”) which may be based on a percentage at a maximum of 33.3% of the combined total of the Balance Owed plus the Internal Collection Fee and further agree to pay all other  costs of collection, fees,  and expenses, including but not limited to reasonable attorney’s fees and court costs, incurred by MSU in any collection efforts along with interest as may be allowed by law.

I further acknowledge and agree that:

Any monies owed to MSU under a payment plan constitute an educational loan that cannot be discharged in bankruptcy under 11 U.S.C. 523(a)(8).

I have reviewed and understand the refund deadlines found at Refund Policies and Procedures prior to dropping a class.

If I am unable to attend MSU for any reason, I must officially withdraw online through the Registrar’s Office.

Registration Agreement effective for Summer 2014
Modified 7/11/2014
Article ID: 336