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AlcoholEDU Literacy Program
All first-time and transfer students are expected to complete the AlcoholEDU program.  You should receive an email with login and deadline information.

Login Instructions:

2. Enter the AlcoholEdu for College Registration Code: c157401a

3. When prompted, please enter your Murray State ID (M + 8 digits found on your ID or in myGate) to ensure you receive credit for completion. If you can’t remember or don’t know your ID, you can look it up by going to MyGate with your user name and password. Your M# can be found in the right upper corner of the page.

 NOTE:  If you already have an EverFi higher education account go to the above URL and click Log In. Once signed in, go to your setting to add the Registration Code.

1. If you are using Internet Explorer, try a different browser such as Chrome (first choice), Firefox or Safari.

2. You may be too far zoomed in. Try zooming out.

3. Close all other applications and tabs. (iTunes, Facebook, YouTube, etc). Additionally, do not have any CDs or DVDs playing on the computer while viewing the course.

5. If on a wireless connection, try a wired connection.

7. Reboot the computer.

8. Disable all popup blockers and 3rd party toolbars. (instructions)

9. Try accessing the course from a different connection (computer lab, library, etc.).

10. Try watching the Haven video on your phone or tablet and then switch back to your computer to finish the course.

11. Try accessing the course at a different time of day (eg. during non-peak internet usage hours, i.e. morning).

If these don't work, then try:

1. Go to MyAlcoholEdu and choose Audio Only on the Course Settings page.

2. Refresh your screen

3. Contact the EverFi help desk at 866-384-9062.

Campus contact is Abigail Cox, Women's Center Directory,

Modified 7/10/2018
Article ID: 543