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Budget Transfer in SSB (multiple line)
  • These instructions allow users to transfer non-salaried items between multiple accounts or multiple organizations. If you are moving salaried items you must use the Paper Budget Transaction Form. 
  • This process has the same programmed departmental security as Banner Finance; thus only allowing transactions to your area of responsibility.
  • In each document created, the pluses (transfers to) must equal the minuses (transfers from).
  • You can not move money to or from the Foundation. So, your chart should always be Chart 1 (University Chart).Please contact the Foundation for Foundation Budget Questions.
  • We now have an Operating Expenditure Pool, which is 711. If you are moving expenditure budget, you will use the 711 account.  If you are increasing your revenue budget you will continue to use the specific revenue account code.

To complete a budget transfer (multiple line):

1. Budget Transfers are done in Self-Service Banner (SSB).

2. Click on the Multiple Line Budget Transfer link.


3. Transaction Date will default to Today’s date.

4. Select your Journal Type.

5. In the Document Amount field, enter the total document amount.  The Document Amount is the TOTAL amount transferred on the document between the FROM account to the TO account.


6. Enter your Chart of Accounts code in the Chart field.

7. Enter the first Fund, Orgn, Account & Program from which you are transferring funds into the first FOAPAL field.  

***We will not be using Index, Activity & Location, so please skip these fields.

8. Enter the amount you wish to transfer out into the Amount field.

9. Choose the minus sign (transfer from) from the D/C column.

10. Repeat steps 5-8 if there is more than one FOAPAL from which you are transferring funds.

11. Tab to the next line

12. Enter the FOAPAL to which you are transferring funds into the next FOAPAL field.

13. Enter the amount you wish to transfer in into the Amount field.

14. Choose the plus sign (transfer to) from the D/C field.

15. Repeat steps 11-14 on the next rows if there is more than one Org/Account to which you are transferring funds.

16. Confirm your amounts entered match your Document Amount at the top of the screen.  This amount is double the amount actually transferred.  It is an absolute value.  The amount actually transferred will be the amount in the amount field for each row.

17. Enter a description in the description field.

18. In the budget period, choose Budget period 01.  ***MSU budgets on an annual basis, so you will always use period 01.

19. Click on the Complete Button.  If this process is successful, the Document Number will appear. 

Modified 7/24/2014
Article ID: 563