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Financial Holds

When registering for classes, Murray State students will often realize that a “hold” has been placed on their account.  Holds can affect a various number of requests by students that include: access to schedule for classes, request transcripts, or receive an official degree from the university.


Financial Holds:
When financial aid documents are missing or incomplete, they can cause students to have financial holds placed on their accounts.  They can affect the disbursement of student loans or scholarships and may result in purging if a student does not correct the problem so that the loan payments may apply.  While every effort is made to contact students that have corrections or missing documents with the Financial Aid Office – students are given access to check on any type of financial hold through their myGate account.  Students may log-in to their myGate and select the FINANCIAL AID tab. In the middle of the page, a box that reads “Financial Aid Requirements” will show documentation that is necessary to process all student aid.  Green check-marks are placed by items that have been completed by the student and verified by the Financial Aid Office.  If a red “x” is shown, it’s possible that the requirement has not been met and may hold up the financial aid process.  Most requirements in this box are actually links that will direct students to the correct website they need in order to complete the requirement.  Once a student has completed the requirement, it may take 72 hours before the Financial Aid Office is able to update the information with a green check-mark.  If it’s been 72 hours since you completed the requirement and you’re still seeing a red “X” in the status column, contact the Financial Aid Office at 270-809-2546 or

Modified 7/14/2014
Article ID: 648