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Print from a Personal Laptop in Waterfield Library
Printing from your personal laptop in Waterfield Library.
  1. Access the MSUemployee or MSUstudent network with your laptop. 
    1. Students - instructions for connecting to MSUstudent
    2. Employees - instructions for connecting to MSUemployee
  2. Using a browser, go to the Libraries' wireless printing page
  3. Click on the appropriate package for your operating system.
  4. Choose “Run” from the File Download Dialog Box that should pop-up.
  5. If using Internet Explorer, you may get a security warning. Click “Run” if you do.
  6. After the download has finished, you will see the first installer screen, click “Install” to begin.
  7. After you see that the installation was successful, click “Finish”
  8. You may now print from your laptop as though you were using a library lab computer.
Standard printing costs will apply.
Modified 7/6/2018
Article ID: 68