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Request a Renewal in Illiad
Request a Renewal through ILLiad
  1. Log into your ILLiad Account. (Can't remember your password?)
  2. On the left hand of your screen under view, you will see “Checked Out Items.” Click there.
  3. A list will come up with all of your currently checked out items.  Click on the transaction number of the request you would like to renew.
  4. If a renewal is allowed you will see “Renew Request”.  Click there.
  5. At this point you will see in blue, confirmation that the item has been requested for renewal and information that there can be no further renewals on this item.
Once you have completed these steps we notify the lending library to get you a new due date.  You should receive an email from us within the next 2-3 days with your new due date.  The system automatically renews the material for one week while you are waiting to hear from the lending library.
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Modified 7/6/2018
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