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Withdrawal From Murray State
Students dropping all classes may do so by accessing the "Withdraw All Courses" link under the Academics tab on their myGate. Students will not be withdrawn from the semester until they have completed this electronic process.  All library books must be returned before a withdrawal form can be processed.  Deadlines apply. View the University Calendar for deadlines.

Withdrawal FAQ

Q. Will I receive a refund?
A. Refund dates are listed in the Refund Table. There is an appeals process to request a refund if there are extenuating circumstances, and it is past the deadline for a specific refund. To appeal for a refund, contact the Bursar's Office for additional information,, 270-809-4227.

Q. What if I just quit going to class and do not officially withdraw from school?
A. If you stop attending class and do not officially withdraw for the semester, you will receive failing grades in your courses, which negatively impacts the gpa.

Q. Is there a deadline for withdrawing from the semester?
A. Yes, there is a deadline. The dates to withdraw are listed in the University Calendars. Information on refunds are listed in the Refund Table.

Q. What will show on my transcript when I withdraw from the semester?
A. If you are enrolled in full semester classes only and withdraw during the 1st five days of the semester, your record will indicate only a withdrawal date, with no grades.  Beginning the 6th day of the semester, there will be "W" grades, non-punitive, on your academic record.  Students can withdraw from full semester classes approximately 3 weeks prior to the last day of the semester.  For more detailed information consult the University Calendar.  NOTE: Other sessions within the full semester have separate drop/withdraw deadlines. 

Q. What do I need to do if I am withdrawing from Murray State University?
A. If you are withdrawing from the current semester, you must submit your withdrawal request through your myGate Academic Tab, "Withdraw from all Courses" link.  You will receive an email confirmation to your MSU email account when you have successfully submitted your request and a second email when your request has been processed.  If you do not plan to enroll after the current semester is completed, you will not register for the upcoming semester. Contact the Student Financial Aid Office for more information if you currently have aid. If currently living in University Housing, contact Housing Office for additional information. For further instructions contact Registration at 270-809-2394 or by email at

Q. How is my Financial Aid affected?
A. Refer to Return of Title IV Student Aid.

Q. Will I be able to receive financial aid in the future if I withdraw?
A. Any questions regarding future financial aid should be directed to  Student Financial Aid, or 270-809-2546.
Modified 7/25/2014
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