1. Admissions
1.1. Advanced Finds

Advanced finds can be wonderful tools for reporting, communications, identifying specific groups of applicants, and many other useful tasks.  

As helpful as they are, creating the filter and the fields used for your data can be quite tricky and misleading if not coded properly and can be your worst enemy with inaccurate data.  For this reason, we ask that you contact your Recruiter support staff to assist you with building your finds.  If you let us know what you are looking for and what information needs to be included in your results, we'll build a view to share with you/your area and let you know how it can be modified for future usage.

Basic custom finds for your area may already been shared with you, and can be used immediately.  To learn more about what you can be doing with advanced finds, check out the sub-articles listed in this section.

1.1.1. Running/Exporting Advanced Finds
Data from advanced finds can be saved as Excel files to your computer.  Click here for detailed instructions and additional information.
1.1.2. Sharing Advanced Finds
Advanced finds that have you have created or that have been previously shared with you can be shared with other users. Click here to learn more about sharing advanced finds.
1.2. Applications
1.2.1. Application Tips
Within this document, you will find tips for common things that are overlooked on the application and may cause trouble when you are ready to send to ERP.  
1.2.2. Checklist for Processing

This document is a quick processing checklist for Recruiter.  It's an outline of the basic steps of the system and processing an applicant, but may not include department-specific steps in the process.

Click here for the processing checklist.

1.2.3. Deactivating an Application

If you are needing to deactivate an application, please be sure you take the proper steps for the supplements and application folder for that specific application as well.

Click here for a step-by-step guide for this process.

1.2.4. ERP Help Guide
If you're having trouble with information sending from Recruiter to Banner, please refer to this document for help tips before contacting Recruiter support.
1.2.5. Processing Application Fee Waivers, Checks, and Cash Payments

When you receive an application fee waiver, a check, or cash for an application fee, please follow these procedures for processing this item.

*Please note: If you have additional steps your area takes when processing cash or checks (adding the transaction to a document for the Bursar's Office, etc) make sure you follow protocol in addition to the Recruiter steps.

1.2.6. Process for Application Fee Payments that are Unsuccessful
When the Bursar's Office contacts you to let you know a fee payment was not successful (due to insufficient funds, etc), they will give you the reference number for the application.  Use that number to search in the "Applications" section of Recruiter. Please follow these steps once you've found the application:

-Change the "Application Fee" supplemental item back to "Not Received"
-On the application, override the status back to "Started" and make a note at the bottom of the application. 

When the student logs back into their application, they will now be able to access the payment portion of the application again, then once payment has been made, the application will update back to "Submitted" status.

For fraudulent application fee charges, go through the full deactivation process for the application, then deactivate the Contact record as well.  Please make sure you make a note at the bottom of the application indicating a fraudulent charge was made.  Additionally, you can delete the External User ID for this student so they cannot log back into their inactive account.


1.2.7. Promo Code Usage

If you are needing a promo code set up, please open a ticket for Recruiter support and supply them with the follow information:

-Name of code
-Start Date
-End Date
-If there is a restriction on the number of uses

To check to see who has used the specific promo code, follow these directions.

Note:  When a student uses a promo code, their application does get changed to "Submitted", but their Application Fee supplemental item will still say "Not Received".  You can change the status to "Waived".

1.2.8. Re-Assigning an Application to a Previous Contact Record

If a student has been previously admitted through one account, but later applies (potentially as another student type) using a different account, their new application will need to be assigned to the initial Contact record that is associated with their M#.  Click here for more information about re-assigning the application.  

*Please note:  Just like any other duplicate (a student who has two Contact records), you will need to contact Recruiter support for their information to be merged after you've followed the steps listed in the above instructions. 

1.2.9. Re-Assigning Supplemental Items to Another Application
If you are needing to assign a specific supplemental item (or set of items) from one application to another application (they possibly include an attachment you need to keep, etc), follow these instructions.
1.2.10. Setting a Dashboard as your Default-First Time Use
If this is the first time you are using the Recruiter console, follow these steps to set up your default dashboard.
1.2.11. Students with Multiple Applications

If a student has started multiple applications, you can follow these steps to remove the extra applications from their record.

Remember, whichever application you are wanting to use and need to show on the Contact record will have to be set as the Primary Application.  

1.3. Helping Students with their Accounts
1.3.1. RAMP Process
The Recruiter Account myGate Portal (RAMP) is a way for students to instantly access their myGate, Racermail, and network accounts once they are admitted.  Click here for a walkthrough of the RAMP process for a student.
1.3.2. Resetting Passwords/Unlocking Accounts
If a student needs the password reset to their application account, or says they are locked out of their account, follow these steps to reset their information.
1.3.3. Uploading a Document
For admissions areas that have supplemental items that can be uploaded by the student, here is what the student sees when uploading the item within their account.
1.4. Looking up a Student's Information

If a student has a Contact record in Recruiter, they are in our system to receive recruiting communications, potentially have an application, and more.

The Contact record is the hub of the student's information.  From here, you can see if the student has an application, what's missing from their application, track transcript information and test scores, and view events they have attended among other things.  If you're wanting to find information on a student, this is where your search should begin.

IMPORTANT: If a student has STARTED an application, the most up to date information may not be displayed on the student’s Contact record.  Once the application is SUBMITTED, the information will feed onto the Contact record, overwriting the information that was there from being manually entered in from an information or visit card, import, previous application etc.  The Primary Application’s information (once submitted) will always take precedence on the Contact record, that is why information MUST be edited on the application.

1.4.1. Contact Record - Searching Tips and Section Breakdown

This article will guide you through how to search for a Contact record and will outline where specific information can be found on the record, section by section.

New users:  This article will be EXTREMELY useful for getting familiar with the system and to help you with a flow for processes. 

Current users: There will be information in this article that will potentially be new to you as well, this is one you'll want to read over carefully.

Click here for must-read information about the anatomy of the Contact record