The FOAPAL guide explains the different portions of the account number.  It is attached to this article as a PDF file.

Scroll down and click on the link for the FOAPAL Guide.

Q. What is FOAPAL?
A. For the map of the Banner system, scroll down and click on the FOAPAL guide.

Q. I can’t find an Account (FRS subcode) that I used to use before July 1.

A. There have been some changes and consolidation of old subcodes. For those you cannot find in the Crosswalk, try searching for a comparable code when entering information into Banner by utilizing the Search button on the Account Code. Please see step-by-step instructions for document entry for more details.

When giving out or writing a FOAPAL without the account code, please use the following format: FUND-ORG-X-PROGRAM. For example, the accounting department’s FOAPAL would appear as 100001-100776-X-6030.

Q. What if the Account (FRS subcode) I’m looking for is not listed on this Banner list?
A. Check the Crosswalk to see if this subcode was transferred to the new Banner system. To do this, open a FOAPAL Crosswalk on In the third section of this Crosswalk, under “Search for an FRS Subcode by Banner Account Code” type in the old subcode you are trying to locate in the “FRS Subcode” box.

Q. I need to make a purchase at the Bookstore for my department. What number do they require now?
A. The old account number will not work for purchases. You must bring your new FOAPAL with you.

Q. What information does the MSU Post Office require for mailing envelopes on campus? Off campus?
A. On campus mail: requires name and department (please spell out the person’s name AND the department name)
A. Off campus mail: the University Post Office has undergone a software upgrade through Pitney Bowes, the vendor for post office equipment.  As a result, university departments must now use their FOAPAL account numbers in processing mail.  Departments are encouraged to discontinue use of old account numbers.

Q. I need some envelopes printed for my department. What number do they require?
A. You will need to provide them with the FOA (A will be X’d out) and P of the FOAPAL string of numbers.
To contact Publications & Printing directly (4747 or 4376).

Q. I need to send something to Surplus. Do they require a FOAPAL?
A. No. The Change of Accountability Form has a place for your account number but it is not required. The COA form will be added to Forms Central at a later date.