View Housing Assignments in myGate
  1. Students can access their housing assignments from their myGate accounts. Residents are encouraged to check their housing assignment often for any changes prior to arriving on campus for the fall semester.

    1. Login to myGate, and click on the Academics tab.
    2. Scroll down and click on Self Service Banner
    3. Click on Student
    4. Click on On Campus Housing Assignment
    5. Your Housing Assignment information will be displayed as in the example below.

Please note: The first set of digits (ex. 746) represents the room number. The four digits after the dash (ex. 4275) is the mailbox number.

Mailing Address Information:
Using the above example, the sample mailing address would be:
    Jane Doe
    4275 Hart Hall
    Murray, KY  42071

Please avoid using the following in the mailing address when having mail sent to you:

  • Room Number
  • "Murray State"
  • "Murray State University"
  • "Box"