ScanPro 2000 (Microform Readers)
The microfilm reader computers located in Waterfield and Pogue library all come with a guide located near the machine to help with proper use and functions of the device.  This file is also linked here so if you would like to print a personal copy or review the details of the software you may.

How to start the program.
  1. First load your reel.  You will start by placing the reel on the left roller of the reader and feeding it through the middle under the glass pane and then attaching it to the reel winder on the right.  
  2.  Please make sure the micofilm reader is turned on.  This will be a little green light on the front of the reader.  
    • NOTE: If this light is not on, there is a switch in the back of the reader, or if you need help any of people at the information desk should know how to turn it on.*
  3. Run the E-Image Data Powerscan software that has an icon like this .  This will activate the bulb inside the reader and allow you to see your film.
  4. Use the controls located on the screen to move the reel forwards and backwards.  Also the try holding the film can be moved manually to help center the frame you are looking at.
  5. Once you are finished please remember to safely rewind the reel you are using and place it back in the box.  
  6. Once you exit out of the software the bulb should shut off automatically but the reader will be in a sleep mode, you will not need to completely turn off the reader.