Registration Holds

These holds can be placed on the student's account because of a balance due with the university, missing admission forms, an unmet academic requirement (for example: failure to complete required training via Canvas), etc.

Students can determine if they have an active hold on their account by:
1. logging into their myGate and clicking on the Academics tab.
2. In the box labeled Registration Tools click the link, Registration Status.
3. Following this link, students may click on the appropriate term they will be registering for from the drop down menu. If the term selected is open for registration (please note that if a term is selected before it is open for registration a message will be shown that explains that the term is unavailable for registration) a page will pull up that will show any hold that is present on the student account.
4. Scroll to the bottom of this page and click view holds for detailed information regarding current holds. If a message appears that a financial hold has been placed on the account (even if the amount reflects $0.00) - you may wish to access the student billing website.  Other holds may have information related to them such as phone numbers or office names.  If you have questions about the hold, please use that information to contact the appropriate office to inquire about removing the hold.

Financial holds can be cleared by submitting payment to the University.  This can be done by
1. returning to the myGate home page,
2. selecting the MONEY tab, and
3. following the link that says My Account/View E-Bill viewing any current charges that have been added.

When students acquire charges throughout the semester (items such as books charged at the book store, course fees or parking tickets) they can cause a financial hold to be placed on the account if these items are unpaid. The Bursar's Office always encourages students to check their current account status before the registration period begins in order to make any correction or clear any outstanding balance to the student account. Contact the Bursar's Office with questions concerning Bursar holds.