Registering for Classes
All students on and off campus, must schedule through myGate. Before scheduling you must consult with your academic advisor about your class selections. Students choose their classes from the Schedule of Classes viewed through myGate.  It is your responsibility to be aware of and comply with all university, college, department and program requirements and regulations. Those participating in athletics and/or the honors program, also must have the approval of the advisors for those programs.

All financial obligations to the university must be cleared before a student will be permitted to schedule. Students may make payment via their myGate account or by mailing a check to Murray State University, 200 Sparks Hall, Murray KY 42071-3312. In addition there is a payment drop box on the east side of Sparks Hall. Please allow 24 hours for processing time for payments placed in the drop box.

Any questions concerning payments should be directed to or to the Office of the Bursar at (270) 809-4227.  

Advance Scheduling
Advance scheduling will take place through myGate only. Priority for advance scheduling is based on a Timetable for Advanced Scheduling (found on the University's Academic Calendar page).

Late Registration
All late scheduling will be done through myGate. For further information contact the Registration Office, call 270-809-2394, or email When late registration begins for the spring, summer or fall term, a late registration fee will be assessed for everyone scheduling for the first time or rescheduling after their original schedules have been removed from the system. See the University Calendar for late registration dates.

Registration FAQ
Q. How many hours do I need to become a sophomore, junior, or senior?

30 earned hours = Sophomore
60 earned hours = Junior
90 earned hours = Senior

Q. I tried to register and was not able to due to a hold. What do I do?
A. Go to your myGate Academics tab.
Click "holds" in your Student Links channel.
You then will need to contact the appropriate department that the hold is with. Ex:
  • Bursar’s: 4227
  • Collections (ECSI): 3473 or 2669
  • Incoming freshman admission: 3741
  • Incoming transfer admission: 3350
  • New student advisor: see advisor (viewable on myGate and RACR audit)
  • Other academic holds (Registrar’s): 2394
Q. If I make changes to my schedule, how do I get a revised copy?
Go to your Academics tab Student Links box
Click on “view/print my schedule”

Q. How do I drop my only class or all my classes? 
A. You cannot drop your only class or all of your classes on myGate. Withdrawals are done through myGate.
Go to Registration Tools channel and click on "withdraw from all courses" and follow the prompts.  This will submit your request to withdraw from all classes for a semester electronically.

Any further questions contact Registration, 270-809-2394 or

Q. myGate won’t let me schedule for a class that I have permission to take. What do I do?
A. First, verify that the instructor has given the appropriate override by going to your academics tab on your myGate account. Click on Registration status.
If the override has been given you will be able to view the override here.
Verify the override the instructor gave matches the error message you are getting when registering for the class.  
Instructor overrides must coordinate with the registration error message. For example: Closed override for a closed class.
NOTE: If a closed override has been given, you must register for the class by typing in the 5 digit CRN through the Add/Drop Class link in your Academics tab.

Q. What do I do if I have permission from an instructor to take a class as an audit or a class has a time conflict with another class?
A. You will need to get a permission form from the Registration Office or online (here) in order to audit a class or have a time conflict.
The time conflict can be no more than 15 minutes.
The form must be signed by the instructor and submitted to the Registration Office in the basement of Sparks Hall by the posted deadlines per the university calendar for processing.