Grade Posting 
Midterm grades are available for viewing as soon as the instructor submits their grades on myGate.  Final grades are available on myGate the day after grades are due.

Financial Holds
Final grades will not be available for any student who has unpaid charges or library fines. Direct questions about financial holds to or (270) 809-4227.

Grading Scale
The following system of grades is used for the evaluation of course work, with a 4.0 grading scale used to determine grade point average:

A ....... Exceptionally high quality; valued at four points for each credit.

B ....... Good; valued at three points for each credit.

C ....... Satisfactory; valued at two points for each credit.

D ....... Poor; valued at one point for each credit.

E ....... Failure, no credit; valued at no points and no hours earned. This grade affects the gpa negatively.

P ....... Pass; credit valued at no points and no hours attempted. (Used only for departmental challenge and officially approved pass/fail courses as stipulated in the course description section of the University Bulletin)

AU .... Audit; no credit. (Requires instructor's approval)

I ......... Incomplete; Non-punitive until the deadline for each semester.  This grade is assigned when, for reasons beyond a student's control, students engaged in passing work are unable to complete all class assignments. If work is not completed the I grade will convert to an E grade.  GPAs will then be recalculated.  

R ........ A grade to be used in restricted instances for specific approved courses to denote either that credit is deferred until additional course work is completed, or that the course must be repeated.

W ....... Withdrawn; no hours and no quality points. (Only may be assigned to eligible students who have officially dropped courses or withdrawn from MSU by published deadlines)

NR ...... Not reported; grade used when the instructor has not submitted final grades by the deadline. No credit is given and is not computed as hours attempted.

IP ....... In progress; grade used in restricted approved instances. Computed as non-punitive.

Students  may  not submit missed work, make changes to already submitted work, nor complete additional assignments in order to change a grade of  A, B, C, D, or E once the grade has been recorded.

Beginning Fall 2011, a student who receives an I grade must complete the work and the instructor must submit the grade by mid-term of the fall or spring term immediately following the term in which the I was received.  I grades received in the fall must be rectified and grades submitted to the Registrar's Office by March 15th of the following spring term; spring and summer I grades, by October 15th of the following fall term.

(Degree pending students should see the note below.)  Students completing class assignments with the intent to change the I to a passing grade should not re-register for the course.  Should the student fail to complete the course within the designated time period, the I will be converted to a grade of E and the GPA will be recalculated.  This may change the academic standing, including dean's list honors.

Once a grade of I has been converted to an E, the grade will not be changed to a passing grade.  After the grade of E has been assigned, the student must register and pay for the course in a future semester in order to receive the credit.  Re-registering for the course will not prevent the original I grade from being changed to an E after the deadline has passed.

NOTE: If a student is pending a degree, incomplete grades must be changed within five (5) weeks after the semester ends; otherwise the I will be converted to an E and the GPA will be recalculated.  (See the Graduation Requirements section in Chapter 5 for additional information). 

Calculating your GPA
For all courses where grades were received (except "AU", "P", "R", "W", "NR", and "IP"), you multiply the credit hours for each course by the number of points appropriate for the grade you received in that course. For Example:           

Grade  Quality Point Average Course Credit Hours Quality Points
 A  4  3  12
 B   3  3  9
C  2  3  8
 D  1  3  3
 E, WE, I, X  0  3  0
 AU, P, R, W, WP, NR, IP  0  0 No effect
Divide "Points" by "Hours Attempted": 32/16 = 2.00 GPA (a minimum of a 2.00 GPA is required for graduation).

Truncate (do not round) the GPA: a 2.9999 GPA is still a 2.99 GPA not a 3.00

A grade of "P" has no GPA effect, so course hours are not included in attempted hours. This is why it’s possible to have more earned hours than you have attempted hours on your transcript.

A grade of "AU" also has no GPA effect. An auditor is one who enrolls and participates in a course without expecting to receive academic credit. An audited course is not applicable to any degree or certificate program. A student who arranges to audit a class must have written permission from the instructor before they can enroll and must complete all requirements and tests specified by the course instructor. The signed permission must be submitted to the Registration Office for processing, Basement, Sparks Hall. Audit courses are considered load credit so students need to know that failing grades can be given to students who do not complete the course requirements. A student may take a class for credit after having audited it or may audit a class after having received credit but an "AU" grade will not replace any earlier grade.

Repeating Courses
An undergraduate student may, for the purpose of raising a grade, repeat a course for credit no more than three times, unless otherwise noted in the course description. Only the last attempt will be calculated in the cumulative GPA and count toward hours earned. Grades of "AU", "R", or "W" do not count towards repeat attempts. Transfer credit will be subject to the same policy as Murray State work. Therefore, an equivalent transfer course could mark off an MSU course. Note: We do NOT keep the BESTgrade--we keep the second grade. It is possible that you could replace a passing grade with a failing grade—this means you would have to take the course again to receive credit.

To see how a repeat changes your GPA, you delete any points and hours from the first time you took the course and add in the new hours and points. If a course with a "D" on page 1 is repeated and an "A" is earned, then the hours would be unchanged and only the equivalent points would change. You can determine your new GPA by using the "calculating your GPA" above.

Graduate Credit
Graduate course repeats will not remove prior attempts. All graduate credit remains on the transcript.

Dropping Classes
You may want to consider dropping a class if you are not going to receive a passing grade. Be absolutely certain to check the drop deadlines and to discuss any possible repercussions with your advisor, the student financial aid office, and your insurance company if dropping a course will put you below 12 hours.  

Once you Graduate
No courses taken before a baccalaureate degree is completed will be marked off after graduation and no grades are changed once the degree is conferred. The grade point average at graduation is frozen and will not be changed when additional courses are added to the transcript.

Official University Policies
Complete university policy information can be found in the Undergraduate and Graduate Bulletins. Be sure to consult the bulletins for more information. Lack of knowledge about university policies is not an acceptable basis for appeal. The bulletins can be found on-line at the Registrar's Website.


Grade Information for Faculty
Midterm and final grades are submitted through the instructor's myGate, Teaching/Advising tab, beginning one week prior to the final due date.

Final grades must be submitted by each individual faculty person 48 hours after each exam, through the instructor's myGateTeaching/Advising tab. Contact the Registration Office for assistance, (270) 809-2394.

If you have any questions, contact Registration.